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October 2007

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Meeting Announcements

The October meeting will be held at Dee Beetem’s house (Map of 4737 Kingfisher, Houston TX 77035). The Video Party will be held at Steve Dial's house (Map of 6235 Cheena Dr).

October Birthdays

Editorís Announcement

Due to the rising costs of postage, we are changing to sending out newsletters electronically. If you want a paper newsletter, please email the editor and you will be mailed a newsletter paper newsletter, please email me (Erika Frensley). The PDF of each newsletter is also posted on the Several Unlimited website.

Club News

Prez Mez October 2007 - Dee Beetem

Greetings Several!

As your new President, my main objective for the year is to do more fun stuff, not just coast along. Our new Veep Margaret has started to create a list of possible activities that might interest us. I think that we’d all enjoy the club more if we occasionally got involved with more varied activities. Not all activities have to cost money, either.

At the next meeting—and in the newsletter—Margaret and I will propose ideas so that the club can consider them. Once we’ve decided on a planned event—an excursion, a play or movie, a book discussion, or whatever, we can publicize it through the Inner Loop Book Group and hou-SF lists. Other Houston fans might want to be involved too—the more the merrier!

This year, my goal is to invite some portion of Houston fandom to at least four (4) of our events. It won’t be too hard; I expect we’ll want to throw room parties at Revelcon and Apollocon, and that’s two already.

Looking forward to a great year!

Greetings from the V.P.! - Margaret McNickle

Here’s a short list of what’s going on in October. If you can think of something else to do, let me know.

The Ghost Tour is an evening bus and walking around Houston.

TV Shows Call-Out!

What TV shows tickle your fancy this season? Are they new kids on the block, or old reliables? Send in the names of your favorites so we can compile a list of what the Several is watching (and recording!) Submitting a review of the show to the newsletter would be nice, too.

News and Reviews

Con Report - Eastern Media Con 1
by Jamie Ritchey

The last ZebraCon was held in Chicago on September 14-16, 2007. I had only attended one ZCon before and didn't want to miss this farewell to a favorite fan-con institution.

On Friday, while I was looking for the con suite, I accidentally bumbled into the Supernatural party. Since I have a few friends that have been sucked into this fandom I stayed and got them party favors, and ended up winning a couple of prizes myself. The first vid they showed at the party was J.M. Griffin's "My Son John", which was created at my house on my computer, so I feel kind of attached to it.

I was a moderator on a couple of Sentinel panels with Kat Weller that were well attended and the discussion was fun and rousing. Kat is pimping Revelcon every chance she gets. We need to appoint her "Special Friend of Revelcon" status. She really loves the barbecue restaurant behind the hotel. Their vid show was on Friday night and my songvids went over really well. Mysti Frank sold 4 out of 10 DVDs of my TS vids and 9 out of 10 of our Revelcon songvid contest DVDs at her table for me.

Saturday night was the dessert party. Everyone dresses up and I have to say I looked damn fine in my fancy togs. I got drafted into performing in the Saturday evening play, "Baaad ZebraCon Theatre" modeled after Masterpiece theatre, which was hilariously funny and got lots of laughs. Nobody had to memorize any lines. We just acted out what the narrator described. I played Ray V. of Due South and had a running dispute with the other Ray over just who the Mountie belonged with.

Sunday I just hung around and made friends with lots of new people and ate way too much, which was basically what I did the whole weekend. The con was a lot of fun and it will be missed.

Starbase Houston Cookoff and Auction review - Erika Frensley

Dee and I went to the Starbase Houston Cookoff and Auction on Sept 15. There was a crowd of approximately 15 people, and in their infinite wisdom (or torture), I was selected as one of the judges for desserts and chili. Starbase Houston has some talented cooks, but the Tribble Chili was memorable, and Khan’s Ceti Alpha IV dessert took the cake and one of the awards.

There was a lot of interesting items in the auction – collectable books, figurines, puzzles, tshirts, and more – I picked up a Disney figure of Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty.

Upcoming Events

Oni-Con 2007, October 19-21, 2007

George R. Brown Convention Center, Houston

3 Anime Rooms, Anime Music Video Contest, Arcade Gaming Room, Art Show/Auction, Artist Alley, Banquet, Concert (Sat 9:00 PM to Sun 12:00 AM), Console Gaming Room, Cosplay, Dance, Dance Dance Revolution, Dealers' Room, Gaming Tournaments, Hentai Fest, Karaoke, Live Action Room, Masquerade Ball, Model Contest, Opening Ceremonies, Panels, Scavenger Hunt, The Brunch Club Premiere

Star Wars Fan Days, October 20-21, 2007

Celebration of 30 years of Star Wars fandom with celebrity and artist guests, special events, autographs, and a large dealers room

Plano Centre, 2000 E Spring Creek Parkway
Plano, TX 75074 (greater Dallas area)

STAR WARS actors&special guests, Official stop of the very popular FAN CLUB Breakfast, talented STAR WARS comic artists, Hear the latest news direct from Lucasfilm’s own Steve Sansweet on the upcoming CLONE WARS cartoon series, & live action TV project, Exclusive OfficialPix merchandise & more!

Re/Max Ballunar Liftoff Festival, Nov. 2-4, 2007

NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas
(Postponed from Aug. 24-26 due to heavy rainfall)

Visit this exciting and educational family-oriented event at NASA/Johnson Space Center and enjoy hot air balloon competitions, evening balloon glows, skydiving exhibitions, commercial exhibits, concession booths, food from local restaurants, arts & crafts exhibits, entertainment and various aviation equipment displays.

Millenniumcon X, November 9-11, 2007

Gaming con

Wingate Inn & Conference Center, 1209 North Interstate Highway 35

Round Rock, Texas 78664

Our convention caters to many different gaming tastes and styles. The historical miniatures and board gaming events are hosted by Lone Star Historical Miniatures. Our RPGA events are hosted by the Austin RPGA. We're looking for all sorts: RPGs, Board Games, Card Games, and Miniatures. Millennium has a particular need for classical historical periods (ACW, Napoleonics, Ancients, etc).

Websites of the Month

Starship Dimensions

This site allows science fiction fans to get an impression of the true scale of their favorite science fiction spacecraft by comparing ships across genres and with contemporary objects. The scales are based on meter-to-pixel ratios so that they are accurate on any platform. The background grid is divided into groups of ten, and larger groups of one hundred pixels, to allow for easy measurement. 

The charts are interactive (Internet Explorer users may click and drag the starships in the charts to arrange them in whichever way they please) Note: The site is very graphics intensive by nature and therefore is targeted towards a higher bandwidth connection (DSL, etc). It will likely bog down dialup connections.


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