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October 2008

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Meeting Announcements

The October meeting will be held at Erika Frensley’s house (Map of 4701 Kinglet). The October Video Party will be held at Steve Dial’s house (Map of 6235 Cheena). .

October/November Birthdays

Club News

Prez Mez October 2008 - Dee Beetem

First, Several business. We had to cancel our September meeting but handled the club election at the Video Party. To nobody’s surprise, all of our incumbent officers were re-elected. Don’t forget—there’s room up here at the top, guys! Also don’t forget that our $12 annual dues are due. You can pay via PayPal at our club website if you like.

Renfair is coming up again. I’ll be traveling in October so I can’t go until November. Is anybody interested in forming up a caravan this month? If anybody would like to suggest a museum outing or a good upcoming movie release, the October meeting would be a good time. (Or on the Yahoo group, if you won’t be attending.)

Second, Hurricane Ike! Ike was my first hurricane, and I now have a much better idea of what I’m willing to ‘hunker down for’. For anything bigger than Category 3, it’s going to be ‘hasta luego’. There’s been a lot of ‘check-up’ telephoning and emailing in Houston fandom—it doesn’t look like any local fan was injured during the storm. All of the Houston members of Several Unlimited survived the hurricane okay, although Tom Town’s house in Baytown still has no power.

My own neighborhood had no electricity for nearly two weeks. Fortunately I had Internet access at work—I would have really missed that. What got to me most was how dark the house was after sunset; I could read by battery lights, but I couldn’t see the rest of the room. And what about the squirrels? The weekend after Ike I noticed dead squirrels in the road, and two of my neighbors were trying to save baby squirrels whose nests had been ripped from their trees. Hurricanes spare no one.

For the next time—and there will be a next time—Erika is checking out prices on portable solar generators, and we’re both considering buying one. Solar sounds much safer—and more convenient—than gasoline.

Hurricane Ike

How did you do during the hurricane, and afterwards? Share your stories on the Several Unlimited Yahoo Group ( ) As our esteemed Prez mentioned, it seemed that while folks were massively inconvenienced, no one was injured, and the number of damaged houses was very low (sorry about your roof, Tommy!)

I talked with linemen from Kansas City, and one thing they mentioned were the huge amount of untrimmed trees in Houston. Yep, while Ike dealt nasty blows to poles and transmission towers, it was our own trees that left us in the dark for days on end. Ye Editor’s hobbyhorse is now encouraging folks to get those trees trimmed, and even cut down if they’re under a power line. Remember, the tree you didn’t trim takes out power not only for you, but for any fans down your line as well.

Texas Renaissance Festival

Since the summer party is now over, it is time to plan for the Texas Renaissance Festival (

Don’t forget the Yahoo Group for Several Unlimited!

If you find something interesting to do or talk about, you don’t have to wait for the newsletter or a meeting. Post it on the Several Unlimited Yahoo Group at


Clone Wars–Television Series Review

The first episode of the latest Cone Wars series aired Friday, October 3 rd on Cartoon Network. It differs from the others in two important ways. This series will have two half hour episodes on Friday nights, and the stylized 3D animation style is very different. It works for the Star Wars universe because the stories are good. Future episodes will focus more on individual characters.

The first episode about Yoda is a good example of that. Yoda must negotiate an alliance with the Toydarians to host a Republic base in the Toydarian system.

Dooku wants a Separatist alliance with the Toydarians, too, and he offers a challenge. He will prove how superior the Separatist forces are by capturing Yoda. Three Clone troopers, a handful of weapons and Yoda against all Dooku can throw at them… sounds like terrible odds, but Yoda inspires his troops by pointing out their individual strengths. We get to see the battle droids as individuals, too. They aren’t always the most competent warriors.

Overall, I enjoyed this latest addition to Star Wars, and the previews for next week look good.

I watched the first two episodes, and came out with a frightening realization: all clone soldiers speak with an Aussie accent. Aussie equals Clone!

The episodes were rather good, and you get a feel for the fracturing points in the Jedi forces, the Clone Soldiers, and the Republic that led to the not-so-nice events in Episode 3.

Websites of the Month

xkcd The blag of the webcomic

Sanjay sent me a link to a new genre of fan fiction – Federal Reserve Fan Fiction. So much for RPF – now we have RealGovFic!

Federal Reserve fan fiction.  (the webcomic he writes is fun, too)

Simon’s Cat – YouTube

A collection of nearly real-life videos, starring a hungry cat and his oblivious master.

MediaWest*Con 28

From the manager of Hummingbird’s:

(Richard) I put this together as a way to thank you all!

MediaWest*Con 2008 Art Auction

What happens when artists get silly....

Fan History Wiki

Fan History is fan run project established by fans for fans dedicated to preserving, documenting and writing fandom history. Fan History is includes also a directory of people in fandom. With all the changes going on and the continued fragmentation in fandom, the time to do this is now. Please contribute your knowledge, experience and time to helping with this project.

Fan History has pictures from MediaWest*Con:




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